Synkronitet - Meta-Helse og Livsløp*Astrologi

Når livet selv forteller og avslører årsaker til opplevelser og begivenheter av alle slag!

(Supermåne 14/11-16 kl 14.53 i Oslo. Bildet er hentet fra Internet)

Min nye bok, "Måneskinn og Fattigmannsol", har tatt lang tid å fullføre. Fortsatt er den ikke fullført, og dette er det mange årsaker til. Jeg presenterer noen av årsakene i denne artikkelen; den tar for seg både synkronisitet, forståelsen av prinsippene i Meta-Helse, samt muligheten til å studere en hendelse - eller flere - gjennom tolkningsmetoden Livsløp*Astrologi. Den er skrevet på engelsk av hensyn til at Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, lederen av Meta-Health Academy (bosatt i England), var personen som i våres inspirerte meg til å skrive om siste års hendelser. Han mener at Livsløp*Astrologi er et glimrende astrologisk verktøy som egner seg best til å kunne tidfeste tidligere (opprinnelige) årsaker til enn sykdom eller ubalanse. Opphavsmanne til Livsløp*Astrologi, A. T. Mann (bosatt i USA), vil også få denne artikkelen før boken er ferdig. Jeg vil vise ham hvordan jeg jobber med detaljer fra et horoskop, denne gangen mitt eget. Når jeg "leser" et horoskop går jeg sjelden så mye i detaljer som vist her i artikkelen. Jeg vil imidlertid demonstrere hvordan man kan gå i dybden for å belyse spesielle hendelser i livet, hvis man ønsker.

Supermånen i Tyren/Skorpionen passer godt til å publisere artikkelen her på nettsiden, særlig fordi denne spesielle fullmånen streifer borti asteroiden Lilith i kartet mitt. Lilith er et viktig tema i artikkelen.

Artikkelen vil i sin tur bli oversatt til norsk, og tatt inn som vedlegg i boken.

Syncronisity, Meta-Health and Life Time*Astrology

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum and myself at the first seminar at the garden of Dagfrid Kolås in August 2015. Meeting Kwesi for the first time. (Foto: privat)

Dear Kwesi and Meta-friends!

Having attended two Meta-Health seminars with Kwesi Anan Odum, one in August 2015, and one in February this year, I decided to write an article and share with you the importance of understanding life experiences and how they can be linked to each other. I also want to highlight the inspirational words from Kwesi about astrology as a valuable tool to use for insight. Both seminars made a great impression on me! The following is my personal account.  Whether you are reading it through your “Meta eyes, astrological eyes, or everyday eyes”, I hope you will find something you can relate to your own experiences. The article has 14 A-4 pages; and I apologize for my “school-English”!

The first part deals with associations and triggers showing up through events in “the present moment – here and now”. The second part deals with how Life Time*Astrology can be applied to see when, why and how you experience certain events in the past, present and future (cosmic energies). If it is too technical to follow, skip part 2 and jump directly to the Conclusion. The article is an example of how to study a certain period in detail, like I have done with the asteroid Lilith, after being introduced to her by Kwesi earlier this year. To follow the story by the horoscope, it might be helpful to take a look at my chart, but it is not necessary. You will find it on my website Go to the Menu and click on “Life Time*Astrology”, and then click on “Mitt horoskop”.

I am so grateful to Kwesi, for having introduced me to Lilith! This has given me the opportunity to get more insight and understanding. With Lilith I have got new visions and can comprehend more deeply how and why certain periods in life has been so challenging. Not only where and when traditional planets surface, but also when the lesser known asteroids can be taken into consideration. The article is really about my attempt to comprehend more of Lilith and her meaning in my life. Kwesi said many times that astrology is the best tool to show when, what and why we have our challenges in life. And we heard him say at the last seminar, that Life Time*Astrology is an excellent and accurate model to use for this purpose. Indeed, a great tool to apply in Meta-Health as well. 

Meta-Health & Life Time*Astrology (1 – 2)

PART 1 – Finding original causes to sickness and health through
associations and triggers (synchronisation)

The invitation to participate at a Kwesi-seminar came at the right time. Even if it was a long distance from Oslo – in western Norway, I decided to go, since Kwesi is an eye specialist, and I wanted some answers on my eye-disease AMD (Age-related Macula Degeneration). Apparently, in Norway there is no help or treatment for this disease, the experts claim it to be chronic and incurable.

The period around May 2015 until my first Kwesi-seminar in August 2015

  • Could I have carried twins during my first pregnancy? (bus travelling/accident)

Was my daughter followed by a twin during my pregnancy with her?
Some weeks after coming home from the weeklong gathering, “Alternativfestivalen Hjertetreff 2015” at Leikanger, I received the invitation from Dagfrid. “Hjertetreff 2015" was emotionally challenging, but also enlightening; providing new insights almost every day.  At last I dared to believe what I had suspected for a very long time; that I had carried twins at the start of my pregnancy with my daughter. Several indications throughout the festival pointed to this fact. All these signs during and after the festival, are related to later events. That is the reason I tell you about it before I’ll get to the first Kwesi-seminar.

So, travelling home after the festival by bus to Oslo, I had another special and thought provoking experience. The Universe helped me to conclude that I had in fact carried twins, showing it by a small accident with the bus. After having travelled 1 hour (of a total of 6 hrs), just before entering a tunnel, there was an explosion. A cable had broken and jumped off the “main system”, causing the bus to slow down. It had almost no power left. Luckily, we made it through the tunnel, and the company ordered another bus to take us to Oslo. After an hour the second bus arrived, and we all reached our destiny. One hour late, though.

Can you see how the accident explains – on top of my earlier experiences – that I had an early unknown abortion in the pregnancy with my daughter?  

  • Long bus journey = pregnancy.
  • Tunnel = birth canal
  • Broken cable = broken umbilical cord
  • Two buses, one bus collapsed = twins, one twin collapsed

Obvious to me: Synchronisation at work, confirming my belief about having had twins at the start of my pregnancy. The following weeks were rather challenging. My subconscious memories manifested in my body by giving uncomfortable signs in my abdomen. I made an appointment with my doctor, but had to wait until after the Kwesi-seminar to see her.

The period around the first Kwesi-seminar in August 2015 to the second seminar in 2016

  • Could I have been a twin in my mother’s pregnancy? (Train travelling/stop)
  • AMD linked to my father being imprisoned by Gestapo in 1943. (Diagnosed and triggered in 2011)
  • How the terror-attack, on July 22nd in 2011, brought up a lot of past memories (root cause of my AMD)

Train accident/stop – similar to the bus stop in May
Weeks passed by, and on Sunday, August 7th (same date as my conception in 1941), I went by train from Oslo to Bergen to participate on my first Kwesi-seminar. Physically I didn’t feel well, but I felt really happy and looking forward to seeing old Meta-friends again after many years. And of course I felt exited meeting Kwesi for the first time!

One hour after leaving Oslo, the train had a stop for 40 minutes. The train ahead needed some “fixing” before starting up again. This stop was similar to the stop on the bus when travelling home from “Hjertetreff” in May. This second “stop-event”, on the same date as I was conceived in 1941, got me into another “mystery” I had been contemplating for some time. Could I myself have been a twin along my mother’s pregnancy with me? My mother was born in Bergen and lived there until she met my father and moved to Oslo to marry him in 1939. I have several memories from many later visits to Bergen.

However, these thoughts were totally gone when I arrived at the Garden and got something else to think about. During the seminar I shared with you that I was happy, but my body felt drained and uncomfortable. I remember telling you that I believed something was wrong with my uterus. I hoped to find some answers to this, as well as to my eye problems.

AMD linked to my early childhood in 1943
Kwesi was quick to tell us that AMD (Age related Macula Degeneration), is an astrological, planetary Mercury/Neptune connection.

When I read a birth-chart for insight, I apply the “Life Time*Astrology” method. In this system your age is marked around your birth-chart, starting at birth and calculated logarithmically so that the distance between your birthdays becomes shorter and shorter as you get older. In a way, this reflect our concept of time as we age: when we are young, a year seems like eternity, at old age a year is gone in a “jiffy”. The gestation period, from the Conception Point to the Birth (Ascendant), is calculated the same way. The system shows the exact time the planets register in your life, i.e. at what age you experience a planetary or cosmic energy through certain situations/unbalance/disease/trauma etc.

I could immediately see me having an aspect called opposition between Mercury and Neptune when I was 1 ¼ years old with Mercury positioned at 1.31° Aries. The opposing Neptune, on the opposite side of the chart, did not register until 28.02° in Virgo, when I was 61 years old in 2003. See the Neptune-explanation below. *)

I have been told exactly what happened back in 1943: I witnessed my father being accused of printing and distributing illegal newspapers and arrested by the Gestapo. He was taken to the HQ Police station in Oslo, “Møllergata 19”, and then incarcerated at the Grini prison camp.

*) The same story repeated itself when I was 1 degree away from Neptune in 1962 (60 years old), and transit Neptune was positioned at my Ascendant/Birth. I was invited by Halvorsbøle Hotel to give a seminar about stress, and teach the Breath Integration (BI) method. The manager thought BI was brilliant for dealing with stress. To make it short: I was being accused of quackery from the 3 participants from the administration section at the Police HQ (Kripos), reporting me to the Health Authority (Helsedirektoratet). They thought I was teaching “nonsens” about the link between birth/breath, and possible effects from birth later in life. You can read the whole story in my next book. Do you see the past story repeat itself?

  • Breath Integration (nonsense/quackery) = my father distributing illegal newspapers during the war
  • Participants from the “Kripos”= Gestapo
  • Reported to the “Helsedirektorat” for quackery = Gestapo decided to take my father to the Grini prison camp

Being a witness and observing that my daddy was brutally taken out of my sight, I strongly believe it is the genuine cause of my eye disease. Why is that so?

It became quite clear to me when Kwesi asked me when I was diagnosed with the disease; what could be the exact trigger for my AMD? I was diagnosed at the hospital in 2011 and could not remember anything “big” happening to me that year. Finally, I recalled the exact moment: When my life-partner went to his usual Friday beer session on July 22nd, Norway was struck by a major terror attack and massacre: The Government building in Oslo being partly destroyed, with 8 people killed, and later the shooting and killing of 69 young political students at Utøya. He called me from outside Stortinget (the Parliament), telling me he had heard explosions and observed broken windows and glass in the street. He didn’t think it was that serious and went for the pub. I remember how disappointed and sad I was because he took neither the situation – nor me – seriously. Shortly after, I saw the TV News reporting on the terror attack on the Government building close to the Parliament. I can’t remember I’ve ever been so scared in my whole life. I feared for my partner’s life, he was indeed in the close neighbourhood of the ongoing attack. I called him again and told him the trauma the TV-news presented, and that he had to come home immediately. Waiting for my partner to show up healthy and OK, was almost unbearable.

The terror attack triggered other memories as well – the birth trauma (given to another woman than my biological mother), and problems with waiting
Being forced to wait for something or somebody, used to be a “torture” to me. Likewise, not being heard, believed or misunderstood, has always been painful. I still have small inner reaction to similar situations. Those emotions are also linked to my birth-memory, when I was switched (forvekslet). My mother was not there for me for several hours. The situation had a “happy ending” though, by a nurse discovering the fact, and I was returned to my biological mother.

Those “torturing” hours of having to wait for my mother at birth in 1942, and waiting for my father to “come back from the war”, are elements unconsciously surfacing while waiting for my loved one on that terrifying day in July 2011. What could help me in such a moment? Of course I had my breath at my disposal – I remembered it and used it! (“Pust når det gjelder!”).

Two months later I got the AMD diagnose
The same emotions and deep fear from my age at 1 ¼ year, believing that I would never ever see my father again, manifested that afternoon in 2011. My unconscious belief triggered old scenarios and emotions and fear of again loosing “the man in my life” = daddy = life-partner. An obvious trigger! (By the way, I’m convinced that my birth trauma is the genuine cause of my breast cancer, diagnosed in 1997, but that is another Meta history!)

As children often blame themselves for any hurtful or traumatic event they are part of, or witness to, I probably felt guilty for my father’s arrest. Kwesi explained this experience as a very complex and difficult cell memory to deal with and heal. To be longing for the missing love (father/mother disappearing) and at the same time believing “it’s my fault”, is hard and contradictory. To miss something “forbidden” takes courage to acknowledge…

This old memory has taken 73 years to fully come to the surface. It feels good now to know the root cause. Hopefully I will comprehend more in the near future for “real” healing to take place. The AMD is still with me, and I am still in the process of forgiving myself for having had this belief. And as Kwesi asked of me; forgiving my man (father/life-partner) for not being there for me. Kwesi opened up for very deep memories; I felt so grateful when I left the seminar.  I had plenty of time to think and contemplate the seminar on my trip back to Oslo the next day. And I looked forward to taking a closer look at my horoscope when coming home. (The final answers to the “uterus-problem” came after the next Kwesi-seminar.) 

The Twin issue - Bus and train accidents giving answers.
Was my daughter a twin? Could I myself have been a twin? I got those questions answered by experiencing life itself giving them to me.
(Ill.: picture from Internet)
AMD Eye-disease "research" with help from Kwesi.
Age-related Macula Degeneration can be found in a connection between the planets Mercury and Neptun, according to Kwesi. My Mercury/Neptun opposition happened when I was 1 year 3 months old, witnessing my father being arrested in 1943.
(Ill: picture from Internet)
The cause of AMD starts with a "Gestapo-action".
The Gestapo arrested my father in 1943 accusing him for printing and distributing illegal newspapers. He was soon after incarcerated; taken to the Grini prison Camp. I blamed myself for my father going away and "never coming back".
(Ill: picture from Internet)

Yes, I have been a twin, too!
On the train to Oslo on Aug 10th; the lady in the seat  next to me introduced herself as a travel guide. One hour later she told me her name was Inger Lise! Another clue coming “out of the blue” – from the Universe…

I used several days to think, digest and evaluate all my experiences happening in such a short time. I finally concluded that my last “twin-episode” on the train, in fact showed me that I actually had been a twin; exactly like myself when pregnant with my daughter. The history repeats itself in many ways!

The period around the second Kwesi-seminar in Oslo, February 12th-14th this year, 2016, and up to present time

  • Discovery of Lilith in my chart, and Kwesi suggesting possible “violence”
  • Experiencing crucial stomach pain while holding a scarab (skarabe) sensing a past life
  • Hospital examination with a black male student present
  • The Dr. Phil TV episode showing a lady being attacked and having her baby cut out
  • Abdominal surgery
  • How the asteroid Lilith is linked to several experiences in my life in the month of May

Between the first Kwesi-seminar and the next, several hospital examinations showed that the “uterus thing” was rather a vaginal issue. This I knew when I shared my present situation with you at the second Kwesi-seminar in Oslo. (Shortly after the seminar it was decided that a comprehensive surgery was necessary. Without removing the uterus, I thought I could go to “Hjertetreff 2016” in late May, and planned for this. But the surgery was set to be on May 12th, and I was not in shape to go to the festival.)

The asteroid Lilith (dwarf planet – sometimes called “the dark moon”)
Before going further into my story, I’ll give you a short account of who Lilith is. Quote from The Llewellyn Journal:

“The asteroid Lilith is one of a pantheon of astrological pulse points in a chart—along with Ceres the nurturer, Pallas the wise one, Vesta the guardian of hearth and home, and Juno the wife or partner. These asteroids give us information on ourselves in a more exacting, more determined light than the planets. To understand what these asteroid placements in our chart mean, we need to look at the mythology behind them. And we must be willing to examine them fully. If we look at the unadorned, politically incorrect, archaic tales, we will at least have a place to start. Then we will see what the story tells us—no frills.

In mythology and folklore, Lilith is the most famous demon goddess of antiquity. Her myth dates back to the time of the stories of Gilgamesh and of the Bible. As the tale unfolds, we find that Lilith was created from sediment to be the first wife of Adam. Once she and Adam got together, she refused to have sexual relations with him in a subservient position. She demanded that they either engage in these activities side by side or with her laying on top. Adam refused, and attempted to force her to have sex with him in the manner he desired. Lilith fled and then became transformed into a she-devil, whereupon she promptly mated with other demons and began to produce demon-children. Three angels appeared to Lilith to tell her to go back to Adam and when she refused they began to kill her demon offspring. Lilith then ventured forth to kill Adam’s children and grandchildren in retaliation and revenge. Parents wrote on the walls of the house a new baby was born to, to prevent Lilith from killing the new arrival.

And that’s the story. Now it’s easy to see in our modern times how this story would be told to prevent women from even thinking about transgressing the unbelievably limiting and oppressive moral climate in which they found themselves. Lilith not wanting to submit to Adam but instead wanting to be equal was her first mistake.” …

Kwesi introducing Lilith – indicating violence in my chart
Some of you may remember during the last day session with Kwesi, he suddenly introduced us to the asteroid Lilith, by using my birth data. It was a big surprise to me, and I became very confused when he mentioned a possible act of violence, or issues around violence, that could be linked to “my” Lilith. I had heard little of Lilith before, but I could at least see on Kwesi’s demo-chart, that Lilith was placed somewhere around my early childhood. (Later, my own calculation shows that Lilith register in my chart as 4 ¼ years old; on 17°53˝ degrees in the sign Taurus in the 2nd House).

I hope you guys have the patience to follow my story further. Please bear with me, I want to explain how I have come to the conclusion about Lilith and the “violence” in my chart. I want to show you the elements leading up to the surgery and the following weeks, and my understanding of them. It could probably be interesting for some of you to see the connection between different experiences from the past showing up and play the same role “in the now”. Triggers, as we also call it. It can be difficult to see the repeating pattern, because the past experience is now repeating itself in another time, in the now, with other people and surroundings. The cause – the inner core issue is, however, hidden in the here-and-now-experience. 90% is your inside unconscious memory at play in a given experience, 10% is coming from the outside through a message, or a messenger, in the here and now.

Experiencing severe stomach-pain in Bergen – Remembering a past life in Egypt
During my memory-search, I suddenly remembered an episode when being an assistant on a Rebirthing seminar in Bergen (Bergen again…). After the seminar, my rebirther and I was invited to dinner at a healer’s home. During the dinner preparation I had time to visit her room with crystals and other stones. I noticed she had a big green scarab stone, and while holding it in my hand I got some crucial pain in my abdomen. I had to lie down, curling up in a foetus position, and spent the whole evening on the couch. Without my conscious breathing, I probably would have had a very painful night. I shared with my rebirther that “it felt like someone is cutting up my womb and taking my unborn baby”. This is linked to a dream I had about a time in Egypt, about Osis and Osiris, scarabs, eggs, pyramids and good looking black men. At my first examination at the hospital in March, the doctor was a woman, but a young male student assisted her. I felt very uncomfortable to have this young man observing my private parts, and he could not speak Norwegian. He was a good looking black man from Egypt, studying medicine in Norway. As a matter of fact, he looked much like Kwesi!

Dr. Phil episode showing an attack on a woman and her baby being cut out of her womb
I must have experienced something similar to having my baby cut from my womb, I thought. I saw a special Dr. Phil episode on March 15th, the same day I had the examination mentioned above, and only one month after the Kwesi-seminar. The main topic in the TV-program was about a pregnant woman, and how she was attacked by another woman who wanted to steel her baby. The other woman simply cut out her foetus from her womb! The episode was another synchronicity and confirmation “from above” on violence against the body. (The episode had a re-run on June 26th – I needed one more reminder of that violent act.)

Day of surgery on May 12th
I prepared myself for the surgery, and the operation went on with good results, the surgeon said. Being awake, I can tell you that the passing 3 hours was “nothing but hell”. As were the following weeks. No more said!I kept on looking to the past for answers and took a closer look at the month of May, since Lilith is placed in the sign Taurus. A quick memory check showed that May stood out as a big maker for several experiences, mostly unpleasant. They involved pregnancy, birth, sterilisation, manipulation, being victimised, sickness, accidents, death, and some important insights.

Important May month experiences
meeting my ex-husband in 1961. 2) being sterilized 1977. 3-4) experiencing my daughter having a tough challenge, and separation from my ex-husband in 1979. 5-6) marital negotiation and formal divorce in 1980. 7) my new relationship at stake in 1984. 8) my father died in 1987, and I experienced a mild impetigo. 9) abdominal bleedings 1989. 10) the abdominal pain and the thought of having to offer my baby in a past life, in Bergen 1990. 11) Being “forgotten” on the Norwegian National Day, I don’t remember the year. No more memories from May up until 2007: 12) starting taking Meta-Medicin – Modul 1, in May. Modul 2 and exam later the same year. 13-14) Severe food poisoning visiting Bruxelles, and an ugly fall in the street causing a severe sprain in my ankle. 15 “Hjertetreff 2014”, the whole festival was repeating my birth by several situations to “prove” it. 16) “Hjertetreff 2015”, my first twin insight and abdomen pain beginning to surface. 17) abdomen surgery this year in 2016.

I realized that violence had to be an element around my Lilith placement in the chart, now thinking that surgery and harm to the body in fact can be described and felt like violence. I started to contemplate if possible violence could have happened to me in this life, and/or in a past life (lives).  My story up to now, shows how our memories and life experiences can be linked to each other by events in the present time “by accident” = synchronicity (triggers). In Meta-Health I understand that you also call those events triggers.  

I also used to say that any REACTION, is past ACTION being RE-ACTIVATED = REACTION  

Dagfrid and Bent celebrating life and the present moment! We enjoyed their lively humour, and all the good food from the garden!
(Ill: I L Eide)
This very peaceful place surrounded us, helping to feel the harmony within ourselves Sunset time; even the sheep outside were quiet!
(Ill: I L Eide)
Kwesi is a good teacher; always bringing new knowledge and insights to further build upon the theory and science in Meta-Health.
(Ill: I L Eide)
The Life Time*Astrology model Chart, including the 3 Octaves and the time calculating ages around the chart. The 4th Octave overlap the 1st Octave of Gestation. The First and Fourth Octaves are very important in this model! (Ill: permission from A T Mann to copy from his book.)

PART 2 – Applying Life Time*Astrology to get more insight

Kwesi showed us, and underlined, that we have to ask ourselves “when and why me” when looking for the origin of developing a “disease”, and when it is triggered. Life Time*Astrology can give answers, but you need to have your correct birth data.

Transit Saturn – Saturn triggers my whole gestation period from May 2015 all the way to November 2019
So, can the chart tell me anything about what has been going on, with all this conception, pregnancy, twin issues, and the surgery challenge? Yes, indeed! 

Saturn started his journey through the sign Sagittarius in January 2015 (for the 2nd time, from having been retrograde (going “backwards”). I have my Conception Point (CP) at 1°07˝ in Sagittarius. When the festival “Hjertetreff” started on May 23rd in 2015, Saturn was slowly passing over my CP and bringing up unconscious memories on how I probably perceived that long forgotten act of love between my mother and father… (Mother was persuaded/forced into it, since I remember my first sexual debut was like that. How I can say so, will be explained in my upcoming book “Måneskinn og Fattigmannsol”.) 

With Saturn still in Sagittarius, he leaves the “CP-stuff” in 2015 and is joining my MC/Moon for the first time this year, in March 2016. This will happen twice, first in March, and then late in November this year. Both times he is giving tough aspects to the MC, Mars, Jupiter, the Moon, and to Lilith as well (qqx = 150°). BesidesSaturn transiting my MC/Moon and my whole gestation period, he also triggers my age as 4 ¼ year in 1946 through the 150° (qqx) frustrating aspect to Lilith, and as 7-8 years in 1950, by opposing Jupiter and Mars (180°).

Transit-Saturn – conjunct MC/Moon and opposing Jupiter and Mars
MC symbolises how a mother discovers she is pregnant and if she is accepting it or not. Meaning: “am I wanted, or am I unwanted”. I know I was partly wanted by my parents, but very much not wanted by my teen-age siblings. If a mother is contemplating on abortion, that is a death-threat to her newly conceived child. I guess my mother had some similar thoughts at the time. I know for sure my siblings had; their opinion was that a 40-year-old woman should not create babies. Especially not while the World War was going on… Such pressure from both inside and outside, can lead to the baby believing that he/she should not be here. Abandonment and rejection could be experiences later in life, but starting at the very beginning – long before birth!

Saturn’s aspect (opposition) to the original registration of Jupiter and Mars, give me some good clues to how I felt as a foetus, not being wanted. When I later experienced the concrete registration of Jupiter and Mars in June/July 1950 as 8-year-old, I was very sick from having impetigo (brennkopper). I was isolated and separated from my friends. I was not allowed to be with them (or other people) due to the danger of infection (in Meta Health, skin = separation-conflict.) I felt rejected and angry for not being able to be “alive” as usual. My body burned with fire/anger = impetigo. Having been “rejected” when my mother understood and told the fact that “I was on my way”, was a very challenging situation to experience as a foetus. Jupiter and Mars brought those old memories to the surface in 1950, I was unconsciously burning with rage when my body reacted by having the impetigo. As you may know, both Jupiter and Mars are fire planets… Saturn is sending his energy through his placement from the fire sign Sagittarius, right here and now (Sep-Aug, 2016).

When I myself “passed through” Jupiter on May 6th, and Mars on July 10th in 1950, I remember another experience being triggered at that time. I had just finished my first school summer holiday and was told by the school-nurse that I had to have a small surgery. A mole had to be removed from my left ankle to prevent developing future cancer. With Jupiter and Mars standing together (being conjunct), Mars is the last to register. Mars receives aspects (sensitive points) from MC, Lilith, Moon and Pluto at that time. Both Mercury and Mars is called “operation planets” (removing the mole).

Surgery on May 12th in 2016
On the day of the surgery, both transiting Venus, Mercury and the Sun were passing over my Lilith. Mercury was on exact 17 degrees, and therefore joining Lilith that day. It was a very intimate situation, being an awake witness to how inner parts of me were cut out of my abdomen. My body was indeed attacked and violated. 

In general, the sign Taurus is visited every year in May by the Sun, Venus and Mercury (the Sun from May 20th to June 20th).  Every year my Lilith is hit by the Sun around May 7th. These facts alone could be some of the reasons why I have many unpleasant memories and experiences during the month of May. So, the time around the surgery, I felt the pressure from outside to have the “necessary” operation; Pluto – power/hospital doctors, Mercury – surgery. (The whole situation seemed “karmic” to me due to the Node. The original registration of the Node is on October 3rd in 1986, when the founder of Life Time*Astrology (LA), Tad Mann, had a reading with me on Oct 13th. I started studying his method immediately. I guess you’ll understand why I believe I will find answers through his LA-model!)

Transit Saturn – Same pattern repeating itself – looking at the past again (1986-87, 1956-57)
Saturn uses 29-30 years on his journey around the Zodiac. Now, in 2016, is the 3rd time in my life he touches the past period described above. Going 30 years back to 1986-87, I had the vaginal bleeding, a mild sort of impetigo on the lips on my mouth at the same time. On top of the unconscious past memories, including the death and separation from my father in 1987, this showed up as a skin reaction. The old pattern, like impetigo, is repeating itself when I was 47 years old.

Going even 30 more years back, we come to the years 1956-57, to my early teens. This is the first time Saturn in transit is passing over my MC/Moon position and triggers what we are talking about here. My memory is not good enough to be of much help from this period, but I do remember my Confirmation in May 1956 (religious ceremony). Mother had bought two lovely dresses for me to wear at two different ceremonies. I picked out the one in silk for the “big” day. A few days before the event I discovered an ugly spot on the skirt and wanted to wash it immediately. However, the dress war marked “not washable”. In desperation my mother took the dress to the cleaner. They managed to return it in time for the “day”, and the spot was gone. Sadly, we realised that the skirt part of the dress looked like being washed, in spite my mother telling the cleaner the problem and marking the spot. The skirt looked very “unsilky”, while the top was OK. My lovely dress, and my Confirmation as well, turned into a little misery, I felt very sad and unhappy.

Three months later, another calamity showed up. It was time for me to have back my violin from the school orchestra. Starting in the orchestra at 8 years old, I brought with me my private violin, which I had inherited. It was a violin of very good quality, and the size was made for an adult person. However, the orchestra lent me a small one. When I grew old enough to play the adult size, I was meant to get my private violin back. I’m sorry to say, they never found the violin. My precious gift was gone forever. I had to play on the “second-hand” one from then on until I quit the orchestra in 1961. (Birth memory of being switched, is also part of this experience.) Shortly after these events, I vaguely remember some outburst of rashes on my breast and in my face.

Adding transit Pluto and the Node to the scene this year in 2016
When transit Saturn, in his 3rd round through the chart, reached my MC/Moon for the first time this year in March, Pluto also played an important role. He is now travelling through Capricorn and gives an aspect called trine (120° - harmony) to Lilith. The Node travels the sign Virgo, and trines my Lilith as well. This means that Saturn and Pluto create a Grand Trine with my “poor Lilith”. It seems to me that there is something important I have to realize. So, NOW is the time to do some research, which this article shows that I am doing! Saturn travels through Sagittarius until late 2017, then he will make his journey through Capricorn, and finally Aquarius. He does not leave my gestation period until he reaches my birth (Ascendant) in November 2019 at 16˚9˝ Aquarius. Pluto doesn’t reach my Ascendant until 2029 – when I turn 87 years! Saturn and Pluto will constantly remind me of my period as a foetus many years to come, so the Universe will bring some more “triggers” for sure!

Saturn in transit creating an in-conjunct aspect to Lilith (qqx = 150°)
Together with all the aspects Saturn in transit has created the last year, he has also triggered Lilith on 17°53˝ in Taurus in the 2nd House by an 150° (qqx - frustration) aspect. I am 4 ¼ years old when Lilith registers on 31st of July in 1946. I have no-one left in my family who could have remembered something from that period, and I have no clear recollection from those early years. What is left then, is the astrological facts. I guess Saturn wants me to be acquainted with Lilith and really become a friend with her and her “silent” existence in my chart. Silent up until now, that is!

What could have happened in 1946 when Lilith registered?
The logarithmic registration of Lilith is on July 31st in 1946. For this early period in my life, I had to search through my old “Baby-Journal”; here I found my parents notes from my first years. There were only two notes from the year 1946; my parents took me to a cartoon movie for the first time, and I started to learn ballet dancing at “Love Krohns Ballettskole”. I remember vaguely (or have been told) that we were practising some steps to the music from a Minuet by either Beethoven or Grieg. Exact date for starting at the ballet school was 16th of September.

I remember a dream I had, possibly around the Lillith registration: a past life could have showed me some traits around the character of the mythical Lilith. I remember vaguely some screaming babies and some purple coloured balloons “swimming” around me.

I didn’t get any further training in ballet dancing. Shortly after having started the training, I had quite an ugly accident at my girlfriend’s place. An old-fashioned heavy iron (strykejern) fell down and harmed my toes and ankle on my left foot, the same place where I removed the mole in 1950 while passing through the Jupiter/Mars period… My future “ballet-career” was abruptly ending.

The Life Path = The Double Helix DNA spiral
(Ill: Permission from A T Mann to copy from his book)
As a foetus, we are exposed to the mother's challenges through her surrounding.
(Ill: picture from Internet)
The planets personalized. How we can perceive the energies while foetus and early child.
(Ill: Permission from A T Mann to copy from his book)
The Dwarf planet Lilith (asteroide. Ill: picture from Internet)

A closer look to the time around
the registration of Lilith.

May – August in 1946


Lilith is receiving some aspects/sensitive points (SP) around her exact registration.

In chronological order (calculated logarithmically), they are:


Registration/aspect (SP*)                  Degree            Date                Age                            
SP Sun (hsx/30°Aries)                       15°42              16.05.46          4 years 1 month 10 days

SP Mercury (hkv/45°Aries)                16°31              13.06.46          4 years 2 months 7 days
SP Jupiter (hsx/30° Twin)                 16°45              21.06.46          4 years 2 months 15 days
SP MC (qqx/150° Sagittarius)            16°49              24.06.46          4 years 2 months 18 days
SP Mars (hsx/30° Twin)                    17°48              28.07.46          4 years 3 months 22 days
Lilith – exact registration                17°53             31.07.46        4 years 3 months 25 days
SP Moon (qqx/150° Sagittarius)        18°25              19.08.46          4 years 4 months 14 days

(*) SP = Sensitive point/aspect from where an involved planet originally is placed.)

The sequence above shows and includes other times of my life involving powerful influences when I am experiencing Lilith that summer. The following list shows the aspects that Lilith is receiving, telling what happened when they originally registered, and when they happened:

  • The Sun stems from the registration in Aries at 15°42 when I was 1 year 11 months, my father imprisoned, and me being treated with electrical sunlamp at the hospital
  • Mercury stems from the registration in Aries at 1°31 as 1 year 3 months, when observing my father being arrested and taken to prison by the Gestapo)
  • Jupiter and Mars stems from their registration at 16°45 and 17°48 in the Twins when I was 8 years old and experiencing the “fire” period having impetigo and the small surgery on my foot at the same time
  • The MC stems from the registration in Sagittarius at 16°49 in August 1941 when I was just a foetus, perceiving myself as “I’m not wanted” by my siblings
  • The exact registration of Lilith in July 1946 (ref to past-life dream)
  • The Moon stems from the registration at 18°25 in Sagittarius, just after the MC registration and my perception of not being wanted in 1941. The Moon – my mother –  could not know she was pregnant only 19 days after conception, but she (the Moon) sensed it intuitively. The Moon/mother being the last element in this 3 month’s sequence period, my mother has the last word in 1946. As she had around the MC/Moon in 1941 as well. She took charge of her responsibility becoming a mother, thus being a role-model and giving me the opportunity to take charge of my own life. (Divorce, starting my own company, publishing “to the world” my book “Pust når det gjelder!” in 2006. My next book about my personal life-time, compared to the reading Tad Mann gave me in 1986, is showing the accuracy of Life Time*Astrology. To be released).

The period described above is interesting in itself, as it starts in May and ends in August 1946. The same period has been activated both in 2015 and 2016. It started with the planning of being at the “Hjertetreff 2015” in May, and ended in August at the first Kwesi-seminar. This year includes the second Kwesi-seminar, the presentation of Lilith, and the surgery and my search for answers. This alone, indicates that links to/from the past and to/from the future are indeed important. The more you know about the connections you have made throughout life, the more you can understand and comprehend from your experiences. Insights from this knowledge are part of any healing process, I believe. “When you know better, you do better”, as Oprah and Dr Phil always tell us.

Some clues helping to solve the “mystery of Lilith”
With the information I have managed to find from my research and “in-to-me-see”-diving, I shall try to explain the “Lilith issue” by going straight to the registration of Lilith and her aspects in the chart in 1946 (from the sensitive point Sun to the sensitive point Moon).

Both my father (Sun) and mother (Moon) wanted to make a good life, and they wanted especially to make my life happy after having “survived” the war, as if they sensed that I needed proof of being loved and nurtured (Taurus and the 2nd House ruled by Venus). Having experienced the challenge of not being wanted, and the fact that both my mother and then my father disappearing, my self-esteem was probably “on the floor”. However, being able to observe my mother taking charge and run the family life while my father was gone during the war, has helped me to slowly take charge of myself as an adult. This was not the case in my early childhood, especially during the Taurus period.

My parents were aware of my interest in music; singing and dancing all day long at that time. I guess they made the decision of letting me learn ballet-dancing around the “Lilith-time” in July 1946; and the ballet school started shortly after in September. I was burning, not from impetigo, but from eagerness and excitement. I even got ballet shoes and a lovely fan; gifts from my uncle in Canada. I still have them…The outer surroundings were filled with joy and appreciations. But was it enough to make me feel safe and loved within? Could I really be a ballerina? Even if the Moon (mother) arranged for me to have fun, organising all things to get me safe to and from the classes at the school etc., I “created” the accident with the iron some weeks later. I manifested my inner doubt of not being allowed to have pleasure, being loved and to follow my dreams. I had to be punished and stopped (my personal law/lie).

This probably happened in November. When Lilith registered in July, Lilith in transit was passing over my MC/Moon. As such, she was aspecting the original Lilith as well. In late November transit Mars (15° Sagittarius) and Pluto (13° Leo) was in trine to each other and triggering my MC/Moon and Lilith (everything that this article deals with). I believe that November is the possible time for me being attacked by the aggressive power from Mars and Pluto (= the iron, forced to obey my personal lie). My unconscious belief of not being worthy, and not being allowed to be in this world, ended with being promptly stopped. I attracted and created the violent acts of being hurt and punished.  

As Lilith in the Myth was seeking equality with Adam, being his first wife, she was not allowed to “be on top” of Adam when making love. The myth also tells that Lilith denied to obey Adam, and that this was her first mistake, and she had to be punished. She refused to go back to Adam when told by three angels; they then started to kill her offspring as revenge. Lilith being an archetype, and called The Demon God of Antiquity, I can see and recognize my need for safety, being equal to others and not being dominated or manipulated with. The demon part of me, however, is quite hidden to me. Maybe I have not dared to think of revenge, being unconsciously busy to protect and fight for myself… I have always been very curious about why things happen to people and myself, and this was the reason behind my decision to start my own company and learn and teach self-help methods early in the nineties.

I guess my hunger for safety, love, equality and appreciation stems from the Lilith placement in the chart when 4 years old, as well as the MC/Moon/Mars/Jupiter as a foetus. And of course my birth/Ascendant/Chiron/Pluto positions, which is another “MM-story”!.

My tendency to sabotage and “punish” myself; Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes have been pointed out very clearly to me through their transits last year. The pattern of creating harm and violence to my body by my unconscious belief (personal lie/law), that I have to endure pain and punishment, is now doomed to die. Fully acknowledging this, is a step in the healing process. The Node in my chart is representing it’s registration time in 1986, when discovering Life Time*Astrology (LA) and having a reading with Tad Mann, the founder of LA. Therefore I know I will have some answers through the transiting Node while creating a link to Lilith in the chart. Furthermore, the Node in transit is back on its original position, joining my original Node. I guess this will finally help me to finish my upcoming book! Then we have the taskmaster Saturn, who is often called the “Planet of experiences”. I very much hope I have learned most of my lessons by now. Saturn is reminding me of how I can apply my own right and power in a constructive way – by being responsible and being aware that I am the creator of my life.

As for the karmic part and past lives, the possibility of me having killed someone’s offspring or small children in a past life (or lives), or that I have been attacked and cut up, is absolutely present, simply by being “hidden” in the experiences I have described. The surgery indicates violence in past lives, and my interest in birth circumstances and later adverse childhood (and adulthood), could also indicate that I myself could have studied and/or made harm to new-born babies. Or I could have been the victim foetus or baby, being exposed to harm and/or violence.

The Solar system showing the spiralling planets around the Sun
(Ill: picture from Internet)
The Solar system - "The Life Path" in Life Time*Astrology
(Ill: with permission from A T Mann to copy from his book)
Space Lab: looking down on earth
(Ill: picture from Internet)

The registration of the Lilith period in 1946 can be summarized as simple as this:

(SP = Sensitive point)

  • SP Sun – my self-assertive father wants to make love to my- mother
  • SP Mercury – they have some arguments on how and when (living with grandma), or having sex at all
  • SP Jupiter, MC, Mars – father filled with fire, pushing mother to get HIS will
    (Mars has the exact same degree as Lillith, but coming from the airy Twin sign, my father was probably more verbal than physical. But then again, the sign Taurus in the 2nd House where Lilith resides, he could be both verbal and physucal.)
  • Lilith – mother finding the situation uncomfortable, having to “hide” from grandma. Probably feeling both dominated and manipulated in an aggressive way. *)
  • SP Moon – my mother seemed obligated to please my father, wanting to protect grandma from any noisy arguments etc. I guess my mother had their poor economy/ lack of money on her mind as well; a very frustrating period. Being “attacked” from the outside, she may have made a conscious choice to sacrifice herself and please my father to get HER will, so I could have MY will. In spite of the circumstances, she had the last say by choosing to “take control”, leading to her being capable of taking charge (of my future).

*)   With Lilith in Taurus in the 2nd House, Venus rules both the sign and the house. How is Venus positioned in my chart? I have Venus at 29.37° Aquarius where she receives a frustrating qqx aspect (150°), both from Neptune and Pluto. Pluto on 3.29° Leo, in trine to my conception point (CP = creativity/sex), is the last to register and having the last “say”. The Venus/Pluto-connection is therefore another element of power struggle, when it comes to creativity and sexuality. This I can add to the above Lilith period, it underlines and amplifies the challenges around Lilith as a little 4-year-old girl. The pattern manifested very clearly in my marriage during 17 years; after the divorce, no more of this!

My article ends here by telling you how early experiences repeat itself “by itself”, and how our primitive conclusions at a given time turn into bigger and bigger personal lies/laws as time goes by. Then we have the transits which trigger important moments in life, “helping” us to see when and what happened, no matter how painful it feels. The summary above also shows that we in hindsight can see how we misunderstood, misperceived or took the experience out of proportion, making it less important or more important than others see it. “There is no reality, only perceptions”, as Dr Phil says. You can also figure out how much of your karmic pattern has been balanced or integrated by comparing your present perception with the past perception.

I am not a professional Meta-Healt practitioner, but having my exam from 2007, I still use the knowledge from Meta-Health together with Life Time*Astrology I my everyday life and with my clients. The healing process can be quicker and not that hard to endure. They are brilliant tools for self-help and insight.

(Ref to my horoscope for more details, go to the end of this article.)

I guess it is of no surprise to you when telling I’m experiencing the same energy around my mouth as I did in 1950 and 1987. The impetigo is re-activated; something I became aware of just recently. The old anger is surfacing again; showing that I have some integration work to do when it comes to the “boiling and hidden rage within”. The impetigo has not yet surfaced, and maybe it will not, due to the integration work I’ve done throughout the years. However, I believe there is still some deep-seated anger left to be dealt with. The physical sensations tell me this is so, and the astrological facts confirm it. Obviously, Mars in transit has also something to do with my having traits of impetigo just now. The fiery Mars has marched through Sagittarius from the day I started writing this article in August, and he left Sagittarius for his entry into Capricorn just a few days ago (27/9-16). By having given me this heavy dose of fire and Martian energy, I consider having a good psyko-drama-session with myself. Most of all, I will use my breath consciously as often as possible!

Oslo, August - November, 2016

With Fire, Breath and Love from
Inger Lise

"A New Vision of Astrology" - Tad Mann's book contains bold new concepts that reframe astrlogy as we know it:
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