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A Time Line of Developmental Events

(Grant Mc Fetridge – appendix 8 i boken “Peak States of Consciousness”. Revidert utdrag fra samme artikkel som er sitert i "Pust når det gjelder!")

The partial list of developmental events is provided as a help for putting the ones used in Volumes 1, 2, and 3 in their chronological order. For more on the developmental events, refer to the books and websites in Chapter 4. In the events below, the (Vn) coding translates into a reference to Volume n, and the (Cm) to a reference in Chapter m of this volume. A few of the major problems that can occur at each stage are included only for reference.


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About 6 months before mother is born, mother is fetus inside grand-mother’s womb

Precellular triune brains being formed separately in “infinite rings” (V2)

  • Separation trauma as they detach from the ring of other brains.

Movement through infinite ring boundary (V2)
Access the “Medicine Area (V3)
Body bag forms around precellular body consciousness (V3)

  • Body bag acquires generational traumas. Seen as silver motes floating in fluid

Coalescence of precellular egg brains - heart, then mind enter body at appendix area (C6)

  • Precondition for “soul stealing” set up here (V3)

Meridian “webbing” grows during coalescence (C7)
Chakras anchor into webbing during coalescence. Form single chakra ball (C7)

A short time later, precellular egg develops further

Precellular egg goes into a “fountain” and becomes golden (C8)

Mother is born, from grandmother’s womb

  • Potential egg trauma during mothers birth

Two months before conception, inside father

Similar events for sperm precellular brains as for egg ones as described above.

  • Major differences are additional chakras and different precellular shapes

 Sperm develops. Nurse cells protect sperm

  • Often injuries involving being hit by other sperm tails

Passage of sperm through Native American patterns in testicular tubes (C7)

About 1 day before conception, inside mother

Egg ripens.
Cocoon of webbing egg is carried in dissolves.
Coating of cells over egg (to nourish it) forms (C7, V2)Ovulation – egg ejected from ovary blister.

  • Feels similar to birth and sets up some later birth trauma

Movement down fallopian tube

  • Secretion of attraction scent for sperm.
  • Potential mechanical damage during passage.
  • Potential chemical damage from toxic mother.

Ejaculation by father during sex

  • Potential damage during ejaculation as sperm collide.
  • Potential conflict with sperm from other fathers.

Minutes before conception

Egg chooses sperm that appears bright.
Untraumatized event feels like a royal wedding (C6)

  • Trauma can cause chosen sperm to feel in competition with other sperm

Egg reaches out with its “arms” to pull sperm into chest.

  • Often mechanical injury due to sperm hitting egg too hard or at an angle


Sperm tail detaches from what feels like the upper back.

  • Trauma as sperm tail consciousness dies.
  • If the egg hardens the shell too soon, it rips the sperm tail instead of detaching correctly

Head of sperm opens and chromosomes come out

  • Experienced as a death event.

Sack around sperm goes to egg wall.
Chromosomes move across egg like a bundle of copper wires.
Chakras merge.
Cellular triune brains from egg and sperm merge (C6, C8)
Ball of light enters new zygote (V2)

12 hous after conception, first cell division

Can be experienced as another death trauma

6 days after conception, implantation

Entry into uterus.

  • Feels like falling into a huge void or on roller coaster going off edge.

Loss of layer of nutrient cells around zygote (V3)
Egg “head” impacts with uterine wall (C6)

  • Possible trauma around not being able to implant easily or at all in places

Belly uncoils and inserts into uterine wall. Fluid ejected into wall from zygote.
Ball of light enters uterine wall then into head of zygote (V2)

  • Potential trauma if ball of light is held by mother and doesn’t move into zygote

From 6 weeks after conception

Most pregnancies confirmed.

  • Often abortion attempts made now
  • Morning sickness by now

“Undiagnosed” twin usually dead by 6 weeks

  • Twin death trauma can cause “divine homesickness” and gets re-created in relationships

7-9 months after conception

Baby feels the womb space tightening. Mother starting to feel discomfort. Later will walk around breathless with no room to inhale.

Birth (see Stanislav Grof’s The Adventure of Self-Discovery for descriptions of the Birth Perinatal Matrix (BMP) stages of birth)
Choice between good and evil just before start of birth sequence (V2)
Initiate birth sequence when the “separate from the mother” Gaia instruction given (V2)

  • Generally lose triune brain fusion states and ability to hear Gaia.

Baby moves upside down and puts head into the pelvis.

  • Can cause vertigo and nausea symptoms later in life.

Contractions start. Some movement engaging head, nestling into bony structures (Start of BPM 2 in Grof’s system)

  • Baby feels helpless, nothing it can do.
  • Intense rage at the mother.
  • Rape and rapist precursor trauma.
  • Grinding teeth a common symptom.

First contraction (V2)

  • Most intense trauma of the birth sequence. Unintentional separation from the Creator, the Realm, the other triune brains, and everything else. Can feel like total annihilation.
  • Major trauma around first oxygen starvation as blood through mother’s diaphragm is reduced.

Second contraction (C7)

  • The life/death choice is made here. Blocks Gaia connection. Choice to age and die, and of how long to live life, realm of the shaman

More contractions with cervix closed

  • “No exit condition” of the first perinatal sequence of Grof. Usually intense rage at mother. Rape trauma activated in mother.

Cervix starts to open and motion through starts. (BPM 3 in Grof’s system starts with the gradual propulsion of the fetus through the birth canal).

  • Feeling of losing connection to mother – abandonment
  • Mother typically is very upset for 5 to 30 minutes, with feelings of panic, wanting to change her mind, doesn’t know what she is doing, can’t do it, tears. Called the “transition stage” in obstetrics.
  • Mother is in pain, typically wants drugs. Drugs are a huge shock to baby.
  • Joy is common in the baby as it starts through the cervix. Mother feels relief.

Moving through the birth canal. Fetus in descent and head rotation.

  • Trauma around head rotation, and often skull damage as it crosses the mother’s lower spine.
  • Can cause poor 3D sense and orientation, directional confusion.

Crowning and birth (BPM 4 in Grof’s system)

  • Face to spine in most babies. Self-esteem issues as baby is seen for the first time
  • Typically, doctor twists the baby’s head the wrong way!
  • In the “50’s”, lots of grief and volcanic rage when nurse keeps baby from being born until doctor arrives.
  • Often severe oxygen starvation as the cord is compressed.
  • Blinding light and pain in eyes as baby is exposed to cold and fluorescent lights

Acquires the skin boundary (“shell”) as baby leaves the vagina, like a layer of tar (V2).

Baby is out of the mother

First breath.

  • Usually traumatic due to having umbilical cord cut too soon before blood leaves placenta.

Momentary “truth” experience passed through (V2)
Momentary archetype access passed through (C7)
Cord cut (can be before or after first breath)

  • Generally done too soon in Western hospitals. Trauma around blood not leaving placenta and into baby before cutting.
  • Shell hardens with cutting of cord.

Uterus continues to contract.
Placental separation and its death trauma (C6, C8)

  • Trauma response to placental death is loss of Wholeness state.

Baby often removed from mother and taken to another room

  • Huge abandonment and loneliness trauma
  • Often trauma around being too tightly wrapped in blankets 
1) Mormor
Her var "jeg" til stede i mormors livmor der min mors egg befant seg med "meg" som egg klart til å bli med videre på ferden til mors livmor da hun ble født.
2) Mormor og mor
Her har mormors egg blitt en voksen datter - "min" kommende mor. Her er "jeg" til stede i mors livmor som det egget som skal løsne og bli til "meg"
3) Sædcelle og eggcelle møtes
Sædselle og eggcelle møtes for å smelte sammen og bli "meg"
4) Fosteret "meg" er manifestert
Her er mor besvangret, og "jeg" er i ferd med å utvikle "meg" fra egg til embryo, til foster, for endelig å kunne fødes som selvstendig individ. Nå er fødselen nær forestående.
5) Her er "jeg" som baby
Fødselen er overstått og "mitt" selvstendige liv ligger foran meg for å utforskes.
6) Mor, far og barn
Mor har spilt den viktigste rollen i svangerskapsperioden. Etter fødselen blir far tydeligere for "meg", og det kommer en tid da far og "jeg" kommer hverandre nærmere.

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